Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

The company strives to pay attention to manage the supply change that supports the company's business operations in line with the sustainable development guidelines and has thus built confidence among stakeholders through transparent procurement processes in line with business ethics principles while being responsible to trade partners and treating trade partners equally with considerations to shared interests as follows:

  • The Company has a system for screening trading partners in the value chain who operate businesses in compliance with the law, safety and occupational hygiene standards, and friendliness to the environment. Trading partners are treated on the basis of fair competition, equality and mutual respect.
  • The confidentiality of secrets or communications of trading partners are maintained and not exploited for wrongful gains of oneself or of others.
  • Relationships and good understandings are fostered. Knowledge is exchanged. Developments and value adding to goods and services are jointly undertaken to promote mutual growth.
  • The Company adheres to trade agreements and makes proper representations of data. In the event that an agreement cannot be complied with, the Company will expeditiously engage in early negotiations with trading partners in order to reach a mutual remedy and loss prevention solution.
  • The Company does not demand, receive or consent to the receipt of properties or any other benefits outside trade agreements.

With the determination to develop the organization towards sustainability, the company gave importance to all aspects of social responsibility operations. To create good relationships and create benefits for all groups of stakeholders. Adhered to the principles of well corporate governance and business ethics Code of Conduct for Company Directors, Executives and Employees for economic operations society and environment to drive the organization toward sustainability. Following to these topics.

Created "TPCS Business Partner Code of Conduct (Supplier Code of Conduct)" and disclosed at

Set criteria for selection of trade partners and key suppliers

Prepared a vendor register (Approve Vendor List) after passing the criteria and being selected as a potential partner for business cooperation under the criteria for complying with ISO quality management system procedures, including covering economic, social, environmental and well governance (ESG), and complying with relevant laws or following to the requirements in various standards together without affecting the overall of business, society and the environment aspect

Prepared a risk assessment and opportunities which covering economic, social, environmental and well governance (ESG)

Countermeasures to mitigate trade partner risks

Supply chain management covered the process since selecting business partner, risk and opportunity assessment and performance of partners. In order to reduce operations that may affect the quality of raw materials, social and environmental aspects. The company had an inspection process by setting a plan to verify to business partners every year, visited, had joint meetings, or self-assessment (By Self) according to the assessment topic 'Supplier Process Audit Check Sheet' to evaluate the performance and formulating a remedial plan inncluding the evaluation after corrective action.

Any business partners whose performance did not meet the required standards must prepare a corrective action plan to improve standards and comply with the requirements of the company

Sourcing Trade Partners Locally

The company supports procuring products and services from trade partners in nearby communities as a top priority with consideration paired with standard specifications and the ability to meet the company's product and service requirements in order to build long-term relations with communities and promote community trust in the organization and sustainable business operations.