Water Management

Water is an essential resource for all life. It directly affects living and is crucial to business activities. Thus, the company recognizes and gives importance to worthwhile water utilization and has set measures to promote every company employee in recognizing the significance of water resources and appreciative use of water resources for maximum benefits in daily life and in the company's business activities.

Measures and Projects for Worthwhile Water Resource Utilization

· Wastewater reduction project and campaign for water conservation by employees
· Monthly water leak inspections at various sites
· Monthly sanitary ware leak inspections
· Utilization of water-conserving equipment such as by installing squeeze-type nozzles on hoses and installing water-conserving faucets

In 2021, the company set targets to reduce water consumption by employees, primarily by implementing the measure "Wastewater Reduction Project to Campaign for Conservative Water Use by Employees" due to the combined yearly total water consumption by employees in the parts of the Bangkok and Sriracha offices were greater than the water used in the production processes of all factories combined. The measure required every employee to implement it together. In addition, due to changes and improvements in the equipment used in the production processes of factories greatly reducing water consumption relative to equipment capabilities, the targets were meant to reduce water consumption by employees. For this measure, the company was able to reduce the total water consumption by more than the set targets, but the amount of wastewater from employee restroom use failed to meet the set targets due to the following reasons:

1. Due to stricter measures relating to the regulations for controlling the transportation of clients' and the government's products (due to the transportation sector's ongoing measures in response to PM2.5), the transportation team needed to clean transportation vehicles more frequently than in 2019.
2. The factories added production processes for new products. As a result, there are now more water usage areas/restrooms, as well as more employees



Water Management Performance in 2021

  Water Use Water resource consumption 2019 Water resource consumption 2020 Water resource consumption 2021 Water resource use target 2021 Performance in 2021 Activities in 2021
  Total Water Use 28,588cu.m. 26,656 cu.m 28,414 CU.M 2% reduction 6.59%increase - Reduce unnecessary water intake
  Wastewater from Employee Restrooms 7,991 cu.m 9,573.93 cu.m 9,183.05 CU.M Not more than 9,573.93 CU.M 4.08%reduction - Office sanitary ware replacement project