Non-violation of Human Rights

Non-violation of Human Rights

            The company is committed to treat personnel equally and equally without discrimination which recognized the importance of respecting human rights and labor practices to meet international standards and comply with the Labor Protection Act and Thai Labor Standards including the law Other regulations related human rights and labor practices. Because It was a code of conduct in doing business and there were policies and guidelines for treatment of employees as follows:

  • Employees’ human dignity and fundamental rights shall be respected at work. Employee data or confidential information shall not be disclosed or transmitted to third parties or unrelated persons.
  • Employees shall be treated in accordance with the provisions of law, regulations, and articles governing the Company’s operations
  • Employment equality shall be promoted. There shall be no discrimination on the basis of gender, skin color, race, religion, age, disability, or any other status that is not directly related to work.
  • Training and knowledge exchange shall be sponsored and promoted to encourage learning and skill development throughout employment; The Company shall seek to strengthen employees’ career security and offer opportunities for advancement pursuant to each person’s potential.
  • Employees’ participation in the determination of the Company’ s direction and development shall be promoted.
  • Fair compensation shall be offered, subject to employees’ knowledge, skills, duties, responsibilities, and performance.
  • Appropriate welfare and benefits shall be given to employees, e. g. medical expenses, provident fund contribution, and a savings cooperative.
  • Channels shall be provided for employees to communicate suggestions and complaints pertaining to work. All suggestions shall be considered, and remedies shall be determined in the best interest of all parties and with regard to good professional relations.
  • Facilities necessary for operations shall be provided. Working conditions shall be maintained with due regard to health, safety, and occupational hygiene as a means to promote and raise employees’ quality of life.
  • Employees of all levels shall be encouraged to participate in corporate social responsibility activities.

Guidelines on human rights and labor practices

1. Respect for laws and human rights principles

1.1 Civil and Political Rights

1.1.1 Promoted acceptance of differences and the ability to live together on the basis of differences equally

1.1.2 Do not take any action that may create an intimidating working atmosphere, persecuting or unfriendly including physical, verbal, mental and written harassment

1.1.3 Do not take any action that interferes with the work of other personnel causing trouble, annoyance

1.1.4 Do not take any action that is immoral or is sexually harassing other personnel; which may cause Annoyance, embarrassment, loss of face or discouragement

1.1.5 Do not take any action which limits the freedom to express opinions or participate in activities Political rights are personal rights and opinions. However, it must not refer to the name of the company. and not use the company's assets for the benefit of any political action

1.2   Economic, social and cultural rights

1.2.1.  Providing personnel with social security and welfare according to the law

1.2.2.  Providing a rest time for employee during working days and working hours which were including holidays annually with full wages according to labor law

1.2.3.  Do not take any action which limits the right to practice according to culture and religious beliefs


2.    Fair and equitable labor practices

Forced Labor : Do not commit or support the use of forced labor in any form. All kinds of works or services which are coerced from any person through the use of penalties and that person is not willing to do it himself, such as not forced labor that is not involuntary, do not force labor by intimidation, do not use physical violence or sexual violence, do not to be detained or used as debt bondage, non-payment or arrears of wages restrictions on freedom of movement being lonely and also including do not collecting money or collecting any identity documents of employees unless the action is not against the law

2.1   Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity

2.1.1   Paid wages, compensation and benefits in various forms that complies with labor law on time and will not deduct employee wages unless it is an operation according to the regulations in the work of the company that did not continue against the law

2.1.2   Paid equal for men and women for work of equal value

2.1.3   Do not discriminate against personnel in any environment including causing inequality due to bias in other causes unrelated to work

2.1.4   Do not discriminate in the recruitment and selection of personnel to work on the basis of age, gender, race, nationality, disability, religion, considering the required qualifications according to the job position applied for it

2.1.5   Developed personnel thoroughly, equally, without discrimination, taking into account the suitability of employees in that position and career advancement

2.1.6   Determined and disclosed the criteria for performance appraisal to be known

2.1.7   Disclosured of performance appraisal results to employees in a transparent and fair manner so that employees could improve their performance

2.1.8   The transfer process must be based on equality of career advancement opportunities and do not discriminate

2.1.9    The dismissal must be due to performance that does not meet quality according to the criteria used to evaluate or there is a disciplinary action in the work that is punishable by dismissal from work or for health reasons were diagnosed by a physician or for reasons other than discrimination

2.2  Right to peaceful assembly

2.2.1  The gathering must be peaceful and unarmed

2.2.2  The integration must be done without affecting the performance and continuity of customer service.

2.2.3  Do not take any action that limits the right to join together unless such restriction is done for the protection of public interest maintain order or prevent illegal acts or business ethics

2.2.4  Respected for the right and freedom of association or any form of aggregation including joining a group to negotiate which was not against the law, and a fundamental right that will lead to the protection of other rights for advancement Society and Sustainable Development

2.3  Don’t recruit the child labor

2.3.1  The employment of child labor under the legal age of each country is prohibited

2.3.2  Prohibited the employment of child labor in the work in kind of unsafe work characteristics and environment according to the law of each country that is harmful to health, security and development including affecting compulsory education

2.3.3  Child labor was prohibited to work overtime or work on holidays


3. Whistleblowing: According to the guideline for whistleblowing and procedures for consideration of complaints

4. Related policies: Well Corporate Governance Policy business ethics

5. Related laws and agreements: Labor Protection Act and Thai Labor Standards Act including the law Other regulations Related