Human Resources Development

Human Resources Development Personnel Development Policy

The company has guidelines in place aimed for developing employees with essential knowledge and skills in preparation for future business growth in addition to connecting them with international businesses and reinforcing increased business diversity in a broad manner covering generally important knowledge as directly related to work responsibilities.

Various development methods are used as appropriate for different areas of knowledge and skills not limited to seminars and training sessions. The company also employs other methods such as mentorships by having supervisors guide/teach work and exchanges of new knowledge and skills among colleagues through the use of external and internal courses.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021, measures have been set to prevent the spread of the disease. Effectively, training methods were changed, with importance given particularly to safety and social distancing, and activities involving gatherings were suspended in line with measures. As a result, training activities in 2021 did not occur in line with set work plans.

Nevertheless, the company provided the courses required by law in line with specifications while complying with the measures for preventing the spread of Covid-19. For outside training courses for developing work knowledge, the company supported training to occur online such as through MS Zoom and MS Team. Training was provided according to the specifications of the Department of Skill Development for 10% of all employees in 2021 (originally, the specifications were for training to be provided to up to 50% of all employees).