E-Commerce Executive

Responsibility :

  • Focus to main contact point for all process and services including, internal & External function in Marketing, Operating, Customer service and Driven Sales Targets.
  • Analyze sales and market trends to develop and execute effective promotions and campaigns.
  • Manage communication channels to answer buyers queries regarding listed products by collaborating closely with various internal departments.
  • Manage and track orders and returned products.
  • Design the Customer Experience improvement.  
  • Manage fast-growing e-commerce sales of TPCS through their own website or other online channels and initiative new channel.

Qualifications  :

  • Bachelor's Degree or higher in Business Administration, E-commerce or related fields.
  • Knowledge of digital marketing channels such as Social Media Display and Marketing channels 
  • Strong experience and exerted in E-commerce company, Start-up or Consulting.
  • Excellent understanding of web design and web analysis 
  • Good ability about Inventory and P&L Management.
  • Proactive  problem-solving  positive attitude and strong negotiation skills 
  • Good knowledge of Excel and ability to Modify new tools and software solutions.
  • Welcome Fresh Graduated.